Investment Criteria

Venture Capital Investments Across Several Industries

Revenue Positive

We appreciate innovation and new ideas but prefer to invest in companies which have achieved some degree of revenue.

Seed - series A

Early stage investments tend to offer greater diversification from public markets while maintaining outsized return potential.

Inflection Points

Focus our investing into companies leveraging technology to define inflection points within the economy.

United States Domiciled

Great companies are built worldwide, but we focus locally to minimize cross border legal and policy challenges.

strategic advisory

Advising Relentless Teams Building The Future

Board of Directors

Acting Board Members or board advisory from a financial and strategic perspective.

Financial Operations

Guide discussions on investor reporting, financial metrics or financial strategies.

Capital Raising

Provide guidance on raising capital or financial alternatives, although we are not a CPA or Brokerage Firm.

Acquisitions or Divestitures

Discuss strategic alternatives for company growth or restructuring opportunities.

Contact US

Reach out if you are raising capital or just want to chat about an idea.
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